Special Delivery Family Birthing Center Offers the Best of Care in a Place That Feels Like "Home"

NewbornThe Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at Central Maine Medical Center combines the best of delivery care with the comforts of home.

Our birthing center is designated as "Baby- Friendly." This special certification means we go the extra step to make the birthing experience special for the mother, the father or her birthing partner (or coach), and her new baby (or babies!).

Our birthing rooms are designed to enhance privacy and comfort. We include amenities such as labor tubs, which help ease Mom through her labor. We have television to help pass the time (including a special channel about newborns and their care). Meals are delivered to family visitors, as they await the arrival of their newest member. We encourage the mom’s partner/coach or another family member to stay overnight, if they like. Their meals are free!

It's comforting for families to know that should any problems arise, the Neonatal Intermediate Care Unit is nearby. It is one of only three such facilities in Maine.

The Special Delivery staff believes that the most rewarding birth experiences are enjoyed by families who are physically, emotionally and educationally prepared. Doctors and midwives at CMMC work closely with nurses and childbirth educators to create educational programs to help new parents understand pregnancy, labor and birth, and caring for a new baby.

For more information, call the CMMC Special Delivery Family Birthing Center at 207-795-2530.