Surgical Nurses & Technology

Surgical Nurses & Technologists Essential to Surgical Team

Two important members of the surgical services team are surgical nurses, who assist with a wide range of activities while sharing responsibility for patient care, and surgical technologists, who assist with operating room duties ranging from assuring sterility in the operating room to maintaining equipment and providing hands-on assistance with surgical procedures.

The surgical nurse assists in preparing the operating room for a procedure, maintaining sterility throughout the surgical case, assessing the patient during the preoperative phase, and helping assure the patient's safety throughout the operation. Surgical nurses are responsible for the documentation of patient information during the entire perioperative phase.

Surgical technologists prepare the operating room prior to a procedure and assist the surgeon during the operation. They prepare the equipment needed for each case. They also set up the operating environment required by the surgeon and communicate the doctor's needs for equipment and materials to the circulating nurses during a procedure. They are knowledgeable in the function, care and maintenance of surgical instruments, and assist with stocking, rotating and maintaining supplies. Surgical techs are also responsible for assembling the surgical instrument kits necessary to undertake a particular operation.

Surgery requires a team of professionals working together effectively. CMMC is proud of the skilled members of our surgical teams.