Reconstructive Surgery

We offer expertise in restoring appearance and function after an injury or illness. Reconstructive and restorative surgeries are performed on patients with abnormal body form or function, often times caused by cancer, congenital defects, trauma, infection or developmental issues.

We ensure that each patient has the best opportunity for a successful outcome, regardless of how small or complex the procedure. At CMPS, you will work with experienced, board certified plastic surgeons in an intimate and comfortable setting. The environment is friendly, supportive and accessible.

Some examples of the reconstructive procedures we provide include:

  • Breast and nipple reconstruction – a breast reconstruction can improve your self-confidence and help to ease your recovery, so that you can look (and begin to feel) like yourself again.
  • Breast reduction
  • Body contouring following major weight loss
  • Head & neck reconstruction
  • Skin cancer removal (including MOHS reconstruction)
  • Skin lesion/cyst removal
  • Scar revision
To speak to a specialist about your specific needs, please contact our office at (207) 795-6543.