Telephone Directory

Central Maine Heart and Vascular Institute Telephone Directory


For patients who would like to make an appointment with a cardiologist or a cardiac surgeon, see the following list of numbers:

Office appointments with CMHVI’s cardiology team, Central Maine Heart Associates, Lewiston, can be made by calling 207-753-3900.

Central Maine Heart Associates, Auburn – 207-782-4022

Office appointments with CMHVI’s cardiovascular surgical team, Central Maine Cardiovascular Surgery, Lewiston, can be made by calling 207-795-8260.

In addition to seeing patients at their main offices at CMHVI in Lewiston, CMHVI’s cardiologists care for patients at the following regional cardiology clincis:

Central Maine Heart Associates, Bridgton Hospital, Bridgton - 207-753-3900

Central Maine Heart Associates, Rumford Hospital, Rumford - 207-369-1130

Central Maine Heart Associates, Topsham Medical Building, Topsham - 207-798-6200

For patients who are receiving care from CMHVI -- we encourage you to call our care providers and support staff at Central Maine Heart Associates and Central Maine Cardiovascular Surgery if you have any questions.

Find out how to reach us by clicking on: Talk to Us