Saving Lives Program at Central Maine Heart and Vascular Institute

Saving Lives

“I had no idea that I was at a high risk for a burst aorta,” said Ron Towle of Auburn, Maine. “Being screened for an aneurysm saved my life.” 

Mr. Towle’s aneurysm was detected through an ongoing Central Maine Medical Group (CMMG) prevention and screening program that allows doctors to identify individuals with particular serious health issues before the problems become an emergency. Mr. Towle was successfully treated for his aneurysm.

The initiative, called “Saving Lives Through Evidence-Based Medicine,” identifies patients at risk for major adverse health events.  It uses software technology to scan medical databases to identify people who may be vulnerable to certain diseases and even sudden death.

The program demonstrated its potential during its pilot stage when the evidence-based data-mining process identified patients with possible pre-cancers and triple-A’s. Discovering and treating a triple-A, in particular, is very important, as up to 50 percent of those who suffer a burst abdominal aortic aneurysm die before they reach a hospital

A common factor these individuals shared is that they had no apparent symptoms for the diseases that threatened them.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, only half of Americans are currently up to date on the health screening tests they need. CMMG makes it easier for patients and doctors to assure screening is done consistently, reliably and safely.  This translates into the potential to save thousands of lives by either preventing illnesses or diagnosing illnesses at early stages when chances for effective treatment are better. 

The ‘Saving Lives’ initiative is possible because the CMMG physicians and associate professional staff are linked by a common electronic medical record that collects medical information in a database. With tens of thousands of patients in CMMG practices, such an analysis of paper records would not be possible.

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Saving Lives Ron Towle

SAVING LIVES CAMPAIGN – Ron Towle (right), a resident of Auburn, Maine, was surprised to learn from his primary care provider, James Joseph, M.D., (left) that he had a large abdominal aortic aneurysm, a condition that can prove fatal. The problem was detected through a Central Maine Medical Group (CMMG) “data mining” initiative to identify patients at risk for a major adverse health event. Mr. Towle had corrective surgery and says he’s been feeling well.