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Thrombotic Risk (Hypercoagulability) Panel

Name:    Thrombotic Risk (Hypercoagulability) Panel
See individual tests for specimen requirements.

Some of the samples must be centrifuged within 4 hours of collection in a precalibrated, authorized centrifuge. They must be doubly spun to insure that it is platelet poor plasma. We recommend that patients be sent to the outpatient phlebotomy lab, so the samples can be processed appropriately.
Note:    Ordering of these tests must be approved by a pathologist prior to being sent out for testing. Contact the hematology supervisor for information.

The samples can be collected before pathologist approval, but they will not be sent out until the approval has been granted.
Processing Info:    Tests that may be included after pathologist's review:
-- Lupus Anticoagulant Panel
--Cardiolipin IgG and IgM Antibodies
--Beta-2 Glycoprotein IgG and IgM Antibodies
--Activated Protein C (APC) Resistance with reflex to Factor V Leiden (FVL)
--Prothrombin Nucleotide 20210 Gene Mutation
--Functional Protein C
--Functional Protein S

Homocysteine and APC w/reflex to FVL may be ordered individually without pathologist approval.

Thrombotic Risk Panel Approval Form