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APC Resistance w/ reflex to Factor V Leiden Request

Mnemonic:    [APC Rqst]
Name:    APC Resistance w/ reflex to Factor V Leiden Request
Specimen:     Draw a full 4.5 ml Blue top (sodium citrate) and and EDTA. Send immediately to the lab. Blue top must be double spun and the plasma frozen immediately. The EDTA is sent as a refrigerated whole blood sample.

The blue top sample must be centrifuged immediately in a precalibrated, authorized centrifuge. The sample must be doubly spun to insure that it is platelet poor plasma. We recommend that patients be sent to the outpatient phlebotomy lab, so the samples can be processed appropriately.
Neonatal Spec:    2 separate 1-ml aliquots
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0030192
Note:    This test is part of the Hypercoagulability Panel, but it can now be ordered without pathologist approval.

This order is actually a request for testing. If other tests are ordered for Hypercoagulation workup, take the request to a pathologist to review the entire order. If just this test is ordered, then order individually: .APC Resistance w/ reflex to Factor V Leiden

This test is currently not orderable for inpatients, but can be ordered in PathNet. APC Resistance is a screening test for Factor V Leiden. Factor V Leiden should not be ordered as an individual test. Do not send out just the order for Factor V Leiden without discussing with the hematology supervisor.
Processing Info:    This test screens for Activated Protein C Resistance. If positive, a Factor V Leiden will be performed. Send the citrated plasma frozen and the unspun EDTA refrigerated.

Give samples to coagulation tech to be spun in the calibrated centrifuge.

Each coagulation test sample must be separately frozen. Send separate specimens when multiple tests are ordered.