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Cadmium, Urine

Mnemonic:    [U CADMIUM]
Name:    Cadmium, Urine
Specimen:    8 Ml 24-hour urine or random urine collection. Specimen must be collected in a plastic container.

Unacceptable Conditions: Urine collected within 48 hours after administration of a gadolinium (Gd) containing contrast media (may occur with MRI studies). Acid preserved urine.
Minimum Spec:    1 mL
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Stable up to 2 weeks refrigerated.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0025040
  Method:    Inductively Coupled Plasma/ Mass Spectrometry
Note:    Patient Prep: Diet, medication, and nutritional supplements may introduce interfering substances. Patients should be encouraged to discontinue nutritional supplements, vitamins, minerals, nonessential over-the-counter medications (upon the advice of their physician). High concentrations of iodine may interfere with elemental testing. Abstinence from iodine-containing medications or contrast agents for at least 1 month prior to collecting specimens for elemental testing is recommended.
Processing Info:    Send 8 mL of urine sample in ARUP's Trace Element-Free Transport Tubes (clear w/blue caps).

Record total volume and collection time interval on the transport tubes and on packing list.

Enter the SR TIME and SR VOLUME in PathNet. Have a tech verify this information.

Collection instructions for a 24 hour urine sample