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Lead, Adult Whole Blood

Mnemonic:    [Lead ARUP]
Name:    Lead, Adult Whole Blood
Specimen:    3 mL whole blood collected in a royal blue (K2EDTA) or (Na2EDTA) Also acceptable: whole blood from a tan K2EDTA tube. Mix the sample thoroughly after collection.

Heparinized samples are unacceptable. Clotted samples are unacceptable.

Remarks: Request Form Required (ARUP form #32990-Barcode; #32991-No Barcode)
Minimum Spec:    3 mL
Transport Temp:    Store and transport sample at Room Temperature.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0020098
  Method:    Inductively Coupled Plasma/ Mass Spectrometry
Note:    This test is for venous samples on adults or older children. Pediatric lead levels (children <6 years of age) are sent to the State Public Health Lab (order LEAD).
Processing Info:    Do not spin or pour off. Send whole blood in primary trace metal collection tube.