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C-Reactive Protein, High Sensitvity

Mnemonic:    [CRP HS]
Name:    C-Reactive Protein, High Sensitvity
Specimen:    0.5 mL serum from a Red SST or Red top tube, or plasma from a Green PST. Unacceptable: EDTA or Citrated samples.
Minimum Spec:    0.3 mL
Neonatal Spec:    0.3 mL
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Stable 3 days refrigerated.
Reference Range:    Low Risk: < 1.0 mg/L
 Average Risk: 1.0 - 3.0
 High Risk: 3.1 - 10.0
 Indeterminate: > 10.0
  Method:    Turbidometric
CRP is a non-specific indicator for a wide range of disease processes. Increases in CRP values are non-specific and should not be interpreted without a complete clinical history. Recent medical events resulting in tissue injury, infections, or inflammation, which may cause elevated CRP levels, should be considered.

Follow-up testing of patients with elevated CRP values should be performed. Patients with persistently unexplained CRP levels above 10 mg/L after repeated testing should be evaluated for non-cardiovascular sources of infection or inflammation.