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Entamoeba histolytica (amebiasis), Antibody, IgG

Mnemonic:    [AMOEBIC AB]
Name:    Entamoeba histolytica (amebiasis), Antibody, IgG
Specimen:    1 mL serum from a Red SST or Red top tube. Separate serum from cells ASAP. Severly lipemic or hemolyzed samples are unacceptable.
Minimum Spec:    0.5 mL
Neonatal Spec:    0.15 mL
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Refirgerated 48 hrs; Frozen 2 weeks
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0050070
  Method:    Enzyme Immunoassay
Processing Info:    If parallel testing is to be performed, mark the samples as "acute" or "convalescent".