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Prothrombin Nucleotide 20210 G/A Gene Mutation (Factor II)

Mnemonic:    [PT PCR]
Name:    Prothrombin Nucleotide 20210 G/A Gene Mutation (Factor II)
Specimen:    3 mL whole blood from a Lavender top tube.
Minimum Spec:    1 mL
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Stable 7 days refrigerated.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0056060
  Method:    PCR/Flourescence Monitoring
Note:    Ordering of thi test must be approved by a pathologist prior to being sent out for testing. Contact the hematology supervisor for information.

If the patient needs to be drawn before the pathologist's approval has been obtained, order a HEM HOLD in PathNet. This will provide labels for the collected samples.

When any of the tests included in the Thrombotic Risk Assessment are ordered in ERNE, a paper requisition will print in the lab on the printer URPA. Take it to the coagulation technologist/technician.
Processing Info:    A specimen source prompt has been added to PathNet. The default is BLOOD. If ordered in PathNet, it will autoverify. If the test was ordered in ERNE Millenium, the prompt will need to be verified by a tech. This information is transmitted to ARUP Lab on the packing list.