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Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow (BM)

Mnemonic:    [ChrA BM]
Name:    Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow (BM)
Specimen:    3 mL Bone Marrow aspirate collected in a heparinized syring and transferred to a green sodium heparin tube
Minimum Spec:    1 mL
Transport Temp:    Store and transport sample at Room Temperature.
Spec Stability:    Stable 24 hours ambient.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 2002292
  Method:    Giemsa-Band Analysis
Note:    If possible schedule bone marrow procedures for the morning, so the sample can go out with the noon courier. Samples will be processed if received at the reference lab >72 hours after collection, but run with a disclaimer.
Processing Info:    
This test is not orderable in Powerchart or Logician. Send the sample and a pathology request form to the lab.

See hematology procedure manual. All processing of these samples is to be done by the hematology techs.

Fill out ARUP's Patient History Form and place it in the bag with the ARUP packing list.

If additional FISH testing is required AND the tests are not built to be interfaced, fill out ARUP's form #43099 (Oncology Order Form). Note on the requisition that the interfaced test #2002292 has been ordered through the LIS interface.. Place the ARUP manual requisition along with the interfaced test's ARUP PKL and the Patient History form into the ARUP room temperature transport bag.

Refrigerated, clotted or frozen samples are unacceptable.

ARUP's Cytogenetics Patient History Form