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Culture, Fungus, Tissue or Fluids

Mnemonic:    [C Fung]
Name:    Culture, Fungus, Tissue or Fluids
Specimen:    5 mL Material or fluid from any body site, other than blood, skin, hair, nails, genital, urine, fecal or oral.
(Min: 1 mL fluid)

Submitted in a sterile container. Swabs are acceptable but sub-optimal for fuingal recovery.

Catheter tips are unacceptable.

Source of specimen is required.

Notify the laboratory if Malassezia furfur is suspected. Special media must be used for cultivation fo this yeast.

If the source is Stool, Throat or Vaginal order a C YEAST (Yeast cultures are processed at CMMC; do not send to ARUP)

If the source is Blood, order C FUNG BLD

If the source is Skin, Hair or Nails order C FUNG SHN

Unacceptable samples: nonsterile samples, insufficient volume of sample, samples in leaking containers and catheter tips.
Transport Temp:    Varies; refer to ARUP website.
Spec Stability:    Varies; refer to ARUP website.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0060149
Reference Range:    Reported prelim negative at 1 week, final at 4 weeks.
  Method:    Culture
Note:    Submit each individual sample in its own separate bag.

See ARUP web site for more complete information.

If Histoplasma, Coccidiodes or Blastomyces is the presumptive diagnosis, a DNA probe will be added for confirmation at an additional charge per probe.
Processing Info:    Sent out on a Manual Requisition Form though Microbiology.

Transport temperature and sample stability varies by sample source; refer to ARUP website for detailed information.

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