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17 - Hydroxycorticosteroids, Urine

Mnemonic:    [U24 17-OH]
Name:    17 - Hydroxycorticosteroids, Urine
Specimen:    10 mL aliquot from a 24 hour urine collection. Refrigerate during collection. FREEZE
Minimum Spec:    8 mL
Transport Temp:    FREEZE
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0070490
  Method:    Porter-Silber
Processing Info:    Separate specimens musts be submitted when multiple tests are ordered. Record total volume, collection time, and pH on test form and transport tube. Samples refrigerated with preservatives are acceptable. Mix well, add 1 g boric acid/100 mL urine, adjust pH (with boric acid) to 5.0 - 7.0 and freeze. Transport in two ARUP transport tubes. Unacceptable conditions: Samples previously preserved with NaOH.

Collection instructions for a 24 hour urine sample