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Reticulocyte Count

Mnemonic:    [RETIC]
Name:    Reticulocyte Count
Specimen:    2 mL whole blood from a Lavender top tube.
Spec Stability:    Stable 2 days refrigerated.
Reference Range:    Adult %: 0.6 - 2.0%
 Adult Absolute Count: 0.025 - 0.077 million/uL
  Method:    Flow Cytometry
Note:    Automated retic includes % Reticulocytes and Absolute Reticulocyte Count. If quantity is not sufficient for an automated reticulocyte count, a manual reticulocyte count will be performed.
Processing Info:    An order for a reticulocyte count can be added to a previously run glycohemoglobin sample providing the sample meets sample stability requirements.

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