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Allergen, RAST Miscellaneous

Mnemonic:    [RAST]
Name:    Allergen, RAST Miscellaneous
Specimen:    0.5 mL serum from a Red SST or Red top tube. Each additional allergen requested requires an additional 0.1 mL sample. For allergens that ARUP sends out a minimum of 0.5 mL per allergen is needed. Refer to ARUP's website.

Unacceptable Conditions: Hemolyzed, icteric or lipemic specimens
Minimum Spec:    0.1 mL per allergen
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP Various
  Method:    ImmunoCAP
Note:    Use this orderable only if the allergen requested is not an orderable or "built" test.

Please specify allergens. A list of individual allergens and panels is available from the lab.

Enter the test requested, test code, and which reference lab as an order note when placing the order. Send a copy of the original order along with the samples to Central Processing.
Processing Info:    Refer to ARUP's website for individual allergens, panels, specimen amounts and test codes. Separate serum from cells ASAP.

Send out on a manual requisition form