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Ova And Parasite, Fecal

Mnemonic:    [ST O/P]
Name:    Ova And Parasite, Fecal
Specimen:     Preserve 2 grams of stool in ParaSep-SF with AlcorFix preservative within one hour of collection or deliver fresh sample to the laboratory within 30 minutes.

This test does NOT include a test to specifically detect Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, Isospora or Microsporidium. Refer to individual tests for these organisms.
Transport Temp:    Store and transport sample at Room Temperature.
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 2002272
Reference Range:    None detected
  Method:    Concentration /Trichrome Stain/Microscopic Exam
Note:    Specimen collection recommendation: Three specimens collected over a ten-day period is optimum. Specimens analyzed to determine treatment efficacy should be collected 3 - 4 weeks after therapy completion. Antibiotics may affect results of exam as well as antacids, mineral oil or anti-malarials.

Samples must be collected before intestinal X-rays are taken. Wait for 5-10 days after barium or bismuth have been given or 2 weeks after receiving gallbladder dye.

If it is necessary to collect a purged specimen, saline cathartics only should be used (sodium sulfite or buffered phospho-soda). Mineral oil, bismuth or magnesia compounds are unsatisfactory.

Do not collect on patients that have been inpatients for >72 hours unless admitting diagnosis is gastroenteritis or patient is immunocompromised. Nucleic acid tests for C.Difficile toxin should be considered for these patients.

Recommendation: A complete microscopic examination for ova and parasites should be limited to patients with immunocompromised condition, pertinent travel history, exposure history, or high pre-test probability for parasitic infection. In select clinical contexts, species-specific serology may be the preferred test.
Processing Info:    Formalin and PVA preservative are also acceptable.

Stool Sample Collection, Ova & Parasites