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Culture, Bordetella pertussis

Mnemonic:    [C PERTUSS]
Name:    Culture, Bordetella pertussis
Specimen:     Aspirate or Washing: Send in a sterile leak-proof container.

Nasopharyngeal Swab: Place in Regan-Lowe Transport Media.
Minimum Spec:    0.5 mL
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Stable 2 days refrigerated
Ref Lab/Code:    ARUP 0060117
Reference Range:    Negative
  Method:    Culture
Processing Info:    Microbiology laboratory has Regan-Lowe media for the swabs.

Send on a manual requisition slip to ARUP. Write source on the sample and on the requisition.

Microbiology Specimen Collection