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RSV Antigen Screen (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)

Mnemonic:    [RSV]
Name:    RSV Antigen Screen (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
Specimen:     Nasal washing, tracheal aspirate, or nasopharyngeal swab in phosphate buffered saline.

See special collection instructions. Note that calcium alginate (Calginate) swabs are unacceptable. Nasal swabs are unacceptable.

Nasal washing specimens can be held at room temperature (15-30C) if assayed within 4 hours of collection, or alternatively, the specimens can be held refrigerated (2-8c) for up to 24 hours prior to testing.

Polyester, rayon, foam and cotton nasopharyngeal swabs, all with flexible shafts (including the mini-tip BBL CultureSwab used for Influenza A + B testing), are acceptable for use in this RSV test. Add swab specimens to 1 ml of sterile saline (0.5-3.0 ml is acceptable) within one hour of collection.
Reference Range:    Negative
  Method:    Enzyme Immunoassay
Processing Info:    Saline for nasal washing is kept in the microbiology refrigerator. Testing for influenza A+B can also be performed on the saline wash or nasopharyngeal sample.

Sample Collection Instructions