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Cell Count, Body Fluid & Analysis

Mnemonic:    [BF Cell Ct]
Name:    Cell Count, Body Fluid & Analysis
Specimen:    1 mL body fluid minimum of synovial, peritoneal or other fluid. Fluids should be collected in EDTA tubes for cell counts and plain red top tubes for chemistry & microbiology.

Clotted specimens are not acceptable for fluid cell counts.

Deliver labeled sample to the lab immediately after collection. Each container must have the patient's name, MRN or DOB and source of the sample. Date/time of collection must be noted.

If there is to be a delay in delivering the sample to the laboratory, please refrigerate it.
  Method:    Manual Count and Wright stain differential
Note:    Includes WBC count and differential.

Not for a CSF Cell Count. That is a separate orderable test.