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Fetal Lung Maturity Profile (Lecithin/Spingomyelin Ratio & Phosphatidylglycerol), Amniotic Fluid

Mnemonic:    [FLM PROF]
Name:    Fetal Lung Maturity Profile (Lecithin/Spingomyelin Ratio & Phosphatidylglycerol), Amniotic Fluid
Specimen:    10 mL amniotic fluid in a sterile plastic container.
Deliver all specimens STAT to Nordx within 4 hours of collection. If the sample cannot be processed or sent within 4 hours, log onto the NorDx website and follow their processing instructions.

Do not spin. Send whole sample.
Minimum Spec:    5.0
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Ref Lab/Code:    Nordx FLMP
  Method:    Thin Layer Chromotography/ Fluorescent Polarizatio
Note:    The FLM (Fetal Lung Maturity) is no longer performed by NorDx. (9-01-3013)

The L/S Ratio and PG done by TLC are set up one time per day at 11:00 AM and results should be completed by late afternoon if the sample was received in time for the daily run.
Processing Info:    Call Nordx (885-7800) if close to the 11:00 AM window to let them know an amniotic fluid is coming. Call a courier (try our CMMC courier first; if they are not available call General Courier).

Note our phone 795-2330 and FAX 795-2345 numbers on the requisition and write "Please Phone/FAX".

This profile appears on NorDx Pending Inquiry. The profile consists of 2 individual results: L-S, and PG.. Refer to the Results Reporting Instruction Sheet posted in chemistry.