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Protein, Urine 24 Hour

Mnemonic:    [U PROTEIN 24]
Name:    Protein, Urine 24 Hour
Specimen:    A 24 hour collection. Refrigerate during collection.
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Spec Stability:    Stable 3 days refrigerated
  Method:    Pyrocatechol Violet
Note:    Very dilute or very concentrated urine specimens may yield false protein results. If a 24 hour urine protein specimen volume is >2500 mL, measure the specific gravity with the refractometer in urinalysis.
a. If the specific gravity is <1.010 or >1.025, the specimen is sent to ARUP for testing.
b. Cancel the Pathnet order and order a .U24 Protein ARUP for a 24 Hr. Urine Protein to go to ARUP.
c. Enter and verify the SR TIME and SR VOLUME before placing the sample in the ARUP refrigerated box.

For 24 hour collections, record total volume and collection time interval on the container.