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Ammonia (NH3)

Mnemonic:    [AMM]
Name:    Ammonia (NH3)
Specimen:    1 mL plasma from a Green heparin tube. Do NOT use gel barrier tubes. Sample must be drawn without a tourniquet. The patient should not clench fist during the procedure.

Call Central Receiving (#2343) before collecting an ammonia sample so the centrifuge can be prechilled and ready for the sample upon arrival. Sample must be centrifuged at 10C.

Send labeled specimen to lab immediately on ice; the sample must be spun and separated within 15 minutes. If the sample cannot be delivered within 15 minutes, separate the plasma and freeze it in a properly labeled tube.

If sample is being sent through the pneumatic tube system to the lab, call #2343 to let them know it is coming. Process sample and FREEZE ASAP.
Reference Range:    0 - 1 week 56 - 92 umol/L
 1 week - 2 yrs 21 - 50 umol/L
 2+ years 11- 32 umol/L
  Method:    Colorimetric; Bromphenol Blue
Processing Info:    Specimens received in gel tubes are acceptable; the preferred tube is a green with no gel.

Specimen must be centrifuged within 15 minutes of collection. Pipette plasma immediately into a plastic tube and deliver on ice to Chemistry Fusion tech.