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Flow Cytometry, Tissue or Lymph Node

Name:    Flow Cytometry, Tissue or Lymph Node
Specimen:     Tissue or lymph nodes are received fresh in a sterile container.

Contact a pathologist.

If any flow cytometry is ordered, the tissue must remain unfixed. Keep refrigerated until a pathologist arrives.

The pathologist will process the sample and place tissue in RPMI media (kept in Histology refrigerator).

Once the tissue has been placed in RPMI media, refrigerate it
Transport Temp:    Refrigerated
Ref Lab/Code:    Dahl-Chase
Processing Info:    Call Dahl-Chase Monday - Friday before 5 PM at 941-8282 before submitting a sample.

Indicate source of sample on the requisition.

Use the Dahl-Chase requisition form. Fill out completely including patient's suspected diagnosis