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Flow Cytometry or Genetic Studies, Products of Conception (POC)

Name:    Flow Cytometry or Genetic Studies, Products of Conception (POC)
Specimen:     Products of Conception are received fresh in a sterile container.

Contact a pathologist.

If any flow cytometry or genetic studies are ordered, the tissue must remain unfixed. Keep refrigerated until a pathologist arrives.

The pathologist will process the sample and place tissue in RPMI media (kept in Histology refrigerator).

Once the tissue has been placed in RPMI media, do NOT refrigerate.
Note:    This is not a chartable order. It is only to be used if there is a corresponding pathology/histology/cytology accession where the pathologist will be entering the result. This order is for documenting reference orders and for subsequent billing purposes.

If there is no corresponding pathology accession, order the appropriate chartable test.
Processing Info:    Chromosome Analysis is sent to ARUP. There is an interfaced orderable test for it. (Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception)

Flow cytometry analysis would be sent to Dahl-Chase.