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ELITEK (rasburicase) Uric Acid, Cold Method

Mnemonic:    [Uric Cold]
Name:    ELITEK (rasburicase) Uric Acid, Cold Method
Specimen:    0.5 mL plasma from a Green PST. The uric acid collected when a patient is on ELITEK (rasburicase) requires special sample handling:

Uric acid must be analyzed in plasma (green top). Blood must be collected into prechilled tubes containing heparin anticoagulant. Samples must be immediately immersed in an ice water bath. Plasma samples must be prepared by centrifugation in a precooled centrifuge (4C). Finally, the plasma must be maintained in an ice water bath and analyzed for uric acid within 4 hours of collection (see BOXED WARNINGS, Interference With Uric Acid Measurements).2
Reference Range:    Male: 3.5 - 7.5 mg/dL
 Female: 2.5 - 6.2 mg/dL
  Method:    Uricase; Colorimetric @ 670