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JC Virus by PCR

Mnemonic:    [Spec No Res]
Name:    JC Virus by PCR
Specimen:     Acceptable Samples: CSF, Plasma, Serum and Urine

Send minimum of 1 mL per sample type.

Label each specimen with:
--Date of biopsy/collection
--Patient's full name
--Patient's ID or pathology slide or block number
--Sample source

Seal the container. Freeze sample (-80C) immediately after collection. Maintain the sample at -80C.

Fill out the "Sample ID Form" (found in Forms drawer in CR) for each sample shipment. Include a packing list of samples and a brief, current medical history of the patient. Pt history is required since LMMN is a reearch laboratory.

All samples should be shipped priority overnight express. Do not send samples on Friday. No personnel is available on weekends to receive the package.

Complete collection and shipping criteria are available in pathology.

The laboratory will not receive results nor is there a charge for this testing. Results are sent directly to the ordering physician.
Processing Info:    Send samples by overnight priority to:
Dr. Eugene O. Major, Ph.D.
National Institutes of Health
Laboratory of Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience (LMMN)
10 Center Drive
Building 10, Room 3B14
Bethesda, MD 20892-1296

Phone # Peter Jensen 301-496-2899
Phone # 301-496-2899

Web site:

Please notify LMMN with the date of shipment (tracking # if available).

Do not use this order if you are sending the sample somewhere other than NIH. NIH sends the results directly to the ordering provider and we are not charged nor do we receive a result. If you are sending a sample anywhere else, we will be charged and we will expect a result, so order an Unlist Lab.