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Lactate (Lactic Acid)

Mnemonic:    [LACTATE]
Name:    Lactate (Lactic Acid)
Specimen:    1.5 mL Plasma from a Green gel heparin tube. Venipuncture performed without use of tourniquet. Deliver to lab immediately. Plasma must be separated from cells (centirfuged) within 15 minutes.

Also acceptable: heparinized syringe. Non-gel green heparin tubes. Deliver to lab immediately. Do NOT open the tube or centrifuge the sample. Run as whole blood on Blood Gas analyzer.

If the sample cannot be delivered to the lab immediately, spin it and freeze the separated plasma.
Reference Range:    0.5 - 2.0 mMol/L (arterial)
  Method:    Ion Selective Electrode
Note:    This analyte is included in a Blood Gas order.

Arterial samples are preferred over venous samples.
Tourniquet should not be used and patient should not clench fist during collection process.

If Venous sample is submitted, please footnote results to indicate venous.
Processing Info:    Sample must be delivered to the lab immediately and anayzed immediately.