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Specimen; No Results

Mnemonic:    [Spec No Res]
Name:    Specimen; No Results
Specimen:     Specimen varies: Follow the instructions on the order request.

Use this orderable ONLY when a sample is to be drawn and sent to another facility AND CMMC is not going to receive a report NOR is CMMC going to be charged for the testing.

If there is any doubt as to whether this is the appropriate orderable test, check with your supervisor.

This order is to be used as documentation that we did see the patient and that a sample was collected. If appropriate, add a venicpuncture charge.

Put in order notes what was collected and where it is to be sent
Note:    Examples of orders where this test is appropriate:
--Patient brings in a kit from another lab and they are going to mail it to that lab directly.
--Samples sent to NIH for prion testing. Results go directly to the ordering provider.
--Orders from clinics at Massachusetts General for followup testing on transplant patients.
--Monly HLA/Antibody Screen for transplant patients from Maine medical Center.
Processing Info:    There is no charge or charting associated with this test. To clarify--there is also no venipucture charge associated with this either.