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Ritchie Block III

Name:    Ritchie Block III
Specimen:     This panel is not offered by CMMC. If ordered, have a pathologist contact the ordering provider.

If the ordering physician approves, the recommended substitution is our Rheumatoid Panel ( RF, ANA, CRP, C3, C4 and serum protein electrophoresis with reflex to immunofixation and immunoglobulins if indicated)
Note:    FBR's Ritchie Block III includes:
--Antinuclear antibody test (ANA) (titering surcharge applies), double stranded DNA (dsDNA) (titering surcharge applies), rheumatoid factor (RF), the Protein Profile/Immunoassay (IA), and high resolution protein electrophoresis. Immunofixation will be performed reflexively on all samples suspected of having a monoclonal band (surcharge applies), unless instructed otherwise on the test requisition.