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Prenatal Profile

Mnemonic:    [PRENATAL]
Name:    Prenatal Profile
Specimen:    6 mL whole blood from a Pink top (K2EDTA) tube. PLUS 2 mL into each of TWO RED top SST tubes. PLUS 5 mL whole blood from a Lavender top tube.
Reference Range:    See individual tests for normals
Note:    Includes a Type & Screen, CBC w/differential, Hepatitis B surface Antigen, RPR, and Rubella IgG.

If all of the required samples cannot be collected, all of the above tests must be canceled as well as the $ Prenatal detail. It is not acceptable to do some of the tests and not all and then charge for the panel.

This charges as a single billing code. Individual tests cannot be credited (they have no charge associated with them).
Processing Info:    This is ordered as a Care Set in Powerchart