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Culture, Screen for GBS (Group B Streptococci)

Mnemonic:    [C GBS]
Name:    Culture, Screen for GBS (Group B Streptococci)
Specimen:     Vaginal or rectal swab submitted in bacterial transport medium. Source must be specified.
Reference Range:    No Group B Beta strep recovered.
  Method:    Bacteriologic Culture
Note:    Collection instructions: Recommended collection at 35-37 weeks gestation

1. Properly identify the patient

2. Swab the lower vagina (vaginal introitus), followed by the rectum (i.e., insert swab through the anal spincter) using the same swab or two different swabs. Both swabs can be placed together. Cervical cultures are not recommended. A speculum should not be used for culture collection.

3. Place the swab into a nonnutritive transport media (culturette)

4. Label the sample with patient name, MR# or DOB, date & time of collection and source

4. Send the sample and the order label to the lab for culture

Transport media will maintain GPS viability for up to 4 days at room temperature or under refrigeration.
Deliver Culturette as soon as possible. Reported in 2 days.