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MMC Endocrinology DM

Mnemonic:    [MMC DM]
Name:    MMC Endocrinology DM
Specimen:     Specimen varies. Read the directions on the MMC/NorDx requistion carefully.
Ref Lab/Code:    MMC/Nordx
Processing Info:    MOB:
--The requisition form will be mailed or given to the patient by the MD's office.
--When ordering add information as to what is being done.
--Make 2 photocopies of the order form
--Send both copies of the requisition form and blood to the lab.

--Read the order form carefully. Process the sample according to the instructions on the order requisition.
--Log the specimen onto the CR log.
--Send a copy of the order with the blood to MMC/Nordx.
--Keep one of the copies in CR for the Sendout folder