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  Darkfield Microscopic Examination
[D Dimer] D-Dimer
[Gliadin IgA] Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) Ab, IgA
[Gliadin A/G] Deamidated Gliadin Peptide Antibodies (DGP), IgA and IgG
[Gliadin IgG] Deamidated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) Ab, IgG
[DEN IGG] Dengue Fever Virus Antibody, IgG
[DEN IGM] Dengue Fever Virus Antibody, IgM
[U DPD] Deoxypyridinoline Crosslinks, Urine
[DGC PT] Des-gamma-carboxy Prothrombin (DCP)
  Dexamethasone/CRH Testing
[DHEA] DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
[DIC] DIC Panel
[Diff] Differential, White Blood Cell (WBC)
[DIG] Digoxin
  Dilute Russell Viper Venom Time (DRVVT) (Lupus Anticoagulant)
[DIPH IGG] Diphtheria IgG Antibody
[Disopyram] Disopyramide / Norpace
[DNASE B AB] DNase B Antibody
[dsDNA IgG] Double Stranded DNA (dsDNA Antibody, IgG) with reflex to Titer by IFA
[Doxepin] Doxepin & Metabolite Level, Blood
[U DAS6] Drug Abuse Panel (DAS6), Qualitative Urine
[U DOA12] Drug Overdose Analysis (DOA), Urine (Qualitative), RH & BH only
  Drug Screen Blood
[MEC DOA] Drug Screen, Meconium Comprehensive
  Drug Testing, Employment