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The Laboratory has adopted the following definitions of terms associated with STAT, ASAP,  Routine, Timed Specimen and Immediate draw for users of the Laboratory Service.

STAT: This is a procedure that requires immediate collection, analysis and reporting of results as it is critical to the proper care of the patient. This requires that Laboratory personnel put aside all other work and concentrate only on this procedure.

ASAP: (As Soon As Possible) This is a test that does not have to be done immediately and requires that laboratory personnel hasten its completion, but NOT to the detriment of other tests.

Timed: This is a procedure that required that blood be drawn at a specific time. This type of procedure is one used to monitor treatment or therapy at timed intervals. This specimen will be drawn at the time indicated and analyzed with the next routine batch (unless ordered STAT).

Routine – to be collected on a routine basis and resulted by the lab within eight hours. Labels will print on the next phlebotomy rounds schedule for
inpatients; outpatient labels will print immediately.

Immediate - This is a procedure that requires blood to be drawn on a STAT basis, but the analysis will be able to be done on a routine basis. It is used primarily for blood cultures.

Morning - to be collected with a morning priority and resulted ASAP.

Blood In Lab – This priority is used to indicate that the requested test(s) should be added to a sample that is already in the laboratory. It is generally understood that the test(s) will be added to the most recently collected sample.