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Zebra Label Loading Diagram

Loading Instructions

Zebra Printer Loading Diagram

  1. Open the side panel (media door).
  2. Lift the print head (a) using the printhead release latch (b).
  3. Remove and discard any unused labels.
  4. If there is any adhesive on the roller bar or print head or tear off bar, clean with an alcohol swab.
  5. Flip down the media supply guide (c).
  6. Place the new roll of labels on the media supply hanger (d) with the labels coming counterclockwise off the top of the roll. Push the roll as close as you can to the inner wall.
  7. Flip up the media supply guide (c). Slide it so it just barely touches the roll, but does not impede rolling motion.
  8. Thread the labels as shown in the diagram.
  9. There is a metal media guide (c) on the outside just in front of the Dancer Assembly (e). It should be pushed in so it just touches the labels, but not too tight. This helps hold the labels in place to keep them aligned properly.
  10. Close the printhead using the printhead release latch (b).
  11. Press the PAUSE light (if it is blinking) to enable printing.

Download above instructions.