Transfer Center Services

  • 24/7 Referral and Transfer Assistance

  • We will facilitate your calls:
    • Assist you in obtaining urgent physician consultation, regarding your patients.
    • Facilitate your communications with our physicians, in order to determine patient needs.
    • Assist you in obtaining treatment assistance and/or admission for patients.
    • Facilitate communication with appropriate physician services, to care for your patient.

    We will expedite physician-to-physician consultation and streamline the transfer process:
    • Expedite physician-to-physician consultation.
    • Determine resource availability & appropriate placement for your patient.
    • Assist with transportation arrangements.
    • Facilitate transfer of clinical documentation to ensure continuity of care.

    We will facilitate transfer planning, for you and your staff:
    • Facilitate air transport, as needed.*
    • Make arrangements for appropriate bed assignments.
    • Keep you and your staff updated, regarding arrangements for your patient.
    • Provide guidance for your staff in transfer preparations, as needed.
    • Provide your staff with contact information, in order to provide nursing report.
    • Patient will be evaluated to ensure they meet admission criteria. We can help you determine appropriate transfers.

    * Our Lifeflight transport team flies with experienced nurses and paramedics, who are specially trained in critical care and altitude physiology. Lifeflight is committed to providing the safest and highest quality care possible to their patients. During times of inclement weather, critical care ground transport is utilized with the same experienced team.

  • EMS Provider follow up and feedback

  • Paging physicians and support specialties

  • Provides effective QA with recorded phone lines