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What is Centering?

CenteringPregnancy™ Brings Pregnant Women Together for Support and Sharing

CenteringPregnancy™ groups provide a warm and friendly atmosphere in which pregnant women learn and share their pregnancy concerns, discomforts and joys. Hearing women share similar experiences and concerns during their pregnancies help women realize that there is a wide range of normal for any pregnancy. Group prenatal care can empower women to learn more and to be active in their care.

CenteringPregnancy™ is a model of group care that integrates health assessment, education, and support into a comprehensive program. Six to ten women with similar due dates meet regularly, learn care skills, participate in discussion, and develop a support network with each other. Each pregnancy group meets for a total of 10 sessions throughout pregnancy and early postpartum. During the group meetings the nurse midwife individually assesses each woman medically. The group members discuss what has been going on with their pregnancies and give each other tips and advice on how to cope with these changes.

Through this unique model of care, women are encouraged to choose health-promoting behaviors that benefit themselves and their babies. Many women, and their partners, have participated in this form of prenatal care and have been extremely satisfied with the group experience.

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