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What is In Vitro Fertilization? A Look at the Process

When a couple visits the Central Maine Fertility Center with an infertility problem, physicians first complete a diagnostic work-up that may include a hormonal assay, semen analysis, x-ray and ultrasound exams, and sometimes a minimally invasive surgical exam. The vast majority of infertility problems can be treated without IVF intervention.

However, if the diagnostic review indicates that in vitro fertilization is the best solution for conception, the Central Maine Fertility Center offers couples a place where they can begin that process.

Working in partnership with Boston IVF, the Central Maine Fertility Center initiates the process of inducing ovulation. The female is monitored closely to determine when an egg is ready to be harvested. Once the time of a patient's ovulation is established, she travels to the IVF Center in Waltham, Mass., where her eggs are retrieved, fertilized, and incubated for 52 to 56 hours. The patient then returns to the Fertility Center and the embryo is transferred to her womb.

Research indicates that the average IVF process is up to 48 percent successful on the first try. For women under the age of 35, it increases to between 61 percent and 64 percent. Natural fertilization is about 20 percent effective in any given monthly cycle.

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