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Central Maine Fertility Center

In Vitro Fertilization Possible with Central Maine Fertility Center

For a small percentage of couples hoping to conceive, in vitro fertilization may be required.

Central Maine Fertility Center, which is part of Central Maine Obstetrics-Gynecology, works in partnership with Boston IVF, a leader in in vitro treatment. Couples who seek in vitro fertilization as a means of conception can receive almost all of their treatment at the Central Maine Fertility Center. A Boston IVF reproductive endocrinologist visits Lewiston regularly to see patients and consult with Central Maine Fertility Center physicians.

Patients who opt for the treatment only need to make one trip to Waltham, Mass., for technical services, while medical management is provided in Lewiston. Central Maine Fertility Center helps patients set appointments, and even arranges travel and overnight accommodations.

For more information, call the Central Maine Fertility Center at 795-7180.

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