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Lymphedema Education and Treatment

CMMC Outpatient Rehab Therapists Helps Patients With Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a condition of swelling caused by the buildup of lymphatic fluid in the tissues. There are two types of lymphedema:

Primary Lymphedema, which occurs for unexplained reasons. It may be present at birth, occur in adolescence or in mid-life. It primarily affects the legs, and is more common in women.

Secondary Lymphedema is more common, and is usually caused by trauma, infection, scarring, lymph node surgery, or as a result of radiation treatment and surgery to the lymph nodes.

Lymphedema is a chronic and progressive disorder that requires treatment. Secondary Lymphedema can sometimes be prevented with education about risk factors.

Symptoms include:

  • A feeling of heaviness and limitation of movement in a limb
  • Repeated infections in the affected area
  • Skin thickening; clear fluid leaking from the skin
  • Difficulty fitting arms or legs into clothing
  • Sudden swelling and/or a worsening of the condition over time
CMMC has nationally certified lymphedema specialists to help patients with therapy and a treatment plan, at Outpatient Rehab Services, 12 High Street, Suite 102, 207-795-2122. FMI about lymphedema: Lymphedema

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