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Clinical Team

At the Bennett Breast Care Center, the members of our clinical team work closely to develop a multidisciplinary approach to assist patients.

Our breast surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, medical and radiation oncologists, as well as our plastic surgeons work closely to develop the best treatment plan for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Our team meets on a routine basis where each patient's case is discussed and a treatment plan is agreed upon. The discussions protect each patient's privacy under the HIPPA laws. We have a Nurse Navigator who helps patients with breast cancer navigate through the complex medical system and helps eliminate any barriers to care.

Dr. Pamela Rietschel is a co-medical director of the Bennett Breast Care Center and one of the founders of the center which opened in 1998. Her office is now on site at the center and she focuses her practice on breast health problems.

Dr. Greg D'Augustine is also a co-medical director and founder of the Bennett Breast Care Center. He has been helping patients with breast health problems and treating breast cancer since he started his practice in Lewiston in 1984.

Kathi Varney has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1977 and has specialized in oncology since she started her career. She has been the Clinical Coordinator of the Breast Center from its beginning in 1998 and also sees patients in consultation.

Sarah Lawson-Link RN is an oncology trained nurse whose role as a Breast Nurse Navigator is to be an advocate for the patient. She is instrumental in assisting with financial, social and educational needs.

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