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Breast Health Education

The Sam & Jennie Bennett Breast Care Center Helps You Learn More About Breast Health and Breast Care

The Breast Care Center has many resources available to help patients learn more about breast health and care.

We have:

  • Self Breast Exam Instruction. A nurse practitioner who specializes in breast care is available for individual consultation and instruction for self-breast examinations.
  • More information about self breast exams is available at American Cancer Society: Illustrated Guide to BSE. Also, "Breast Cancer - Your Health in Your Hands" (Kansarka Naasah - Caafmaad Kaagu Way UU KU Jiraa Gacmahaaga), a Podcast by Twin Cities Public Television
  • Edu Care Instruction sheets. The Bennett Breast Care Center has numerous brochures and fact sheets about breast conditions and care.
  • Gail Risk Assessment. The Bennett Breast Care Center calculates a Gail Risk Assessment on all women who come for mammograms at the Center. The assessment is a compilation of factors that may indicate whether a woman is at a higher risk for breast cancer. The results are forwarded to your primary care provider, who may then make further referrals for high-risk patients. The nurse practitioner is available at the center for discussion about the assessment.
  • Genetic Counseling and Testing for Breast Cancer: If you are interested in learning about a test that helps determine if you are genetically predisposed to breast cancer, contact the Medical Oncology Department at 207-795-2935, 12 High Street, Lewiston.
  • Visit our Breast Health and Cancer Websites page to view more resources.

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