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Central Maine Medical Family - Special Delivery

Special Delivery Tour and Nurse Intake Interview

CMMC's Special Delivery Unit Invites Expectant Moms For a Tour Ahead of Time!

CMMC's Special Delivery Family Birthing Center has created a special program to introduce expectant mothers to the birthing unit.

When an expectant mother is 30 weeks into her pregnancy, her obstetrician will schedule an appointment for the "Special Delivery Tour and Nurse Intake Interview." We encourage patients to bring their husband, partner, or birthing partner/coach to the tour.

This thorough visit to the Special Delivery Unit accomplishes so much for the new Mom. First, you will have a one-on-one interview with an ob-gyn nurse who will take your medical history, and also assist you with the paperwork needed before you deliver your baby. It’s a great time for you or your partner to ask any questions you may have about the labor and delivery experience, or the Center. If you have a birth plan in place, you can give it to the nurse, who will include it in your records.

You will also learn about the Childbirth Education classes offered and community programs that are available to expectant mothers and their families. You will find out about requirements for a baby's car seat, which is required by law.

Then, you can meet staff and see the Center. You’ll see the spacious private rooms that will give you privacy and also are big enough to accommodate an overnight guest, should your birthing partner or a family member want to sleep over. You will see the birthing tubs, and learn how they work.

You'll see all parts of the facility, including the nearby operating room and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The tour, which takes about 2 hours, ends with some lovely parting gifts! The non-profit organization "Raising Readers" provides new moms with a tote containing picture books for your newborn. Raising Readers also provides books to pediatricians and other healthcare providers to give to youngsters at their Well Child visits, from ages two months up through five years. The goal is to encourage reading aloud to children, which promotes literacy and bonding.

And for your new baby’s skin safety, volunteers at The Patrick Dempsey Center of Cancer Hope and Healing have hand-made tiny sun hats!

For more information about The Special Delivery Tour and Nurse Intake Interview, talk to your healthcare practitioner or call the Birthing Center at 207-795-2530.

CMMC is designated Baby Friendly! Learn more about what that means for you and your baby. New Arrivals Online Gift Shop - The CMMC gift shop has the perfect gift for families welcoming new arrivals.