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Services Offered

CMMC Offers Many Integrative Medical Services

Health care extends beyond what many would call "standard" or Western" medical practices. Through the years, research has shown repeatedly that some people benefit by adding healing modalities to their medical treatment plans. Modalities such as bodywork, including massage, Reiki and yoga. Treatments to reduce pain, such as the ancient art of acupuncture. Attention to nutrition; the addition of foods, or herbal or vitamin supplements to increase overall health. All may help an individual dealing with health issues.

CMMC's Integrative Medicine department recognizes that some of our patients seek a whole spectrum of treatment and healing options. We have many services to offer, as adjuncts to the care plan you may have in place with your healthcare practitioners.

Here is a look at what we offer:

The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer, Hope & Healing Logo


Providing free support, education and wellness services to cancer patients and caregivers.

The mission of the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing is to provide the highest quality education, support and wellness services to enhance the quality of life of individuals, families and communities touched by cancer.

The Dempsey Center embraces the whole person -- body, mind and spirit -- in a respectful, inclusive and healing environment.

Integrative Medical Consult

A one-hour integrative medical consultation – which includes an in-depth look at a patient's medical history and desired health goals – can give healthcare providers an understanding of an individual's personal health and life situations. Such an overview can foster creative healing recommendations for physical, emotional and spiritual health.
Contact Erica Lovett, M.D. to arrange an integrative medical consult.

Integrative Family Medicine: A Comprehensive, Holistic Approach for All Ages

Integrative family medicine incorporates conventional medicine with safe and appropriate complementary and alternative modalities, including healthy dietary supplements or herbal supplements.
Integrative medicine joins providers from the holistic community with more conventional care providers. The integrative family medicine primary care approach includes prenatal care, obstetrics, well child care, and elderly care.
Integrative family medicine services are provided by Erica Lovett, M.D.

Acupuncture Can Help Manage Symptoms

The word "acupuncture" actually refers to a a group of procedures.
The most common form of acupuncture – and the type that has been most researched in the U.S. – involves thin needles that penetrate the skin, in order to stimulate specific places in the body. It is believed that stimulation of these areas may cause the body to produce natural painkillers and also improve blood flow, which enhances healing.

Acupuncture has been practiced in Asian countries for thousands of years.

Research shows that acupuncture can help relieve pain and discomfort, such as the nausea that may be a side effect of a medical procedure or treatment.

Family physicians David Salko, M.D. and Cynthia Dechenes, M.D., have special training in acupuncture.

Massage Therapy Enhances Well-Being

The therapeutic benefits of massage have been well-researched.
The positive results of massage therapy include:
*Improving the immune system, due to better blood circulation
*Relief of physical symptoms caused by stress and stiffness, such as headaches, backaches and joint pain
*Improvements in mood, reduction of anxiety and relief from insomnia

Massage therapy is not suitable post-operatively, or in patients with certain medical conditions, such as circulatory ailments, tumors or compromised areas of the body.

Discuss massage therapy with your healthcare provider if you believe it is something that may benefit you.

General massage is available through the Central Maine Medical Center Wellness Center. Call 207-795-2145 to make an appointment with licensed massage therapists Inez Buck or Donna Crawford.

Massage for cancer patients is available through the Dempsey Center.

Massage is also available for CMMC in-patients; permission must be given by the patient's healthcare provider. Patients are responsible for payment. For rates, contact the CMMC Wellness Center, which also has gift certificates available.

Hypnosis Can Help Healing

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation – deep relaxation, similar to the feeling we have while daydreaming or feeling totally lost while immersed in a good movie or book.

Research shows that with the help of a hypnotherapist, achieving this state can help some people change their thoughts and emotions. As a result, it can be used to increase wellness in many ways. The American Medical Association has recognized the value of hypnosis since 1958.

One of the most prevalent uses of hypnotherapy is as an aid in childbirth.

At CMMC, Hypnobirthing is taught by Valerie St. Claire.

Pediatrician David O. Baker, D.O. also offers hypnosis for young children, to help with a variety of issues.

Yoga Increases Relaxation, Sense of Well-Being

Yoga is an ancient practice combining body movement, breathing exercises and meditation to help center the mind, body and spirit.

Practitioners of yoga report many benefits, such as increased flexibility and strength, increased relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction and a lessening of chronic pain, from ailments such as arthritis.

There are several forms of yoga, but the goals are the same: to bring about wellness where needed.

People with health issues often turn to yoga, as it is a gentle form of exercise, with benefits that extend beyond the physical realm.

Central Maine Medical Center offers yoga classes at its Wellness Center
and also at the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Reiki Therapy Channels Healing Energy

Reiki is a spiritually based form of healing. Practitioners help patients by channeling healthy energy gently to them, through their hands. Reiki therapists place their hands on various energy places, such as the shoulders and back, to transfer healing energy, and to help patients achieve a better sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Patients remain clothed during the sessions, which last about 30 minutes .

For more information about Reiki, visit The National Institute of Health. Discuss Reiki with your healthcare practitioner as well, to see if it is a therapy that may be helpful.

Reiki is available for clients of the Dempsey Center.