Electrophysiology (EP) Lab

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CMHVI Diagnostic Testing Center
60 High Street, Y1
Lewiston, Maine 04240
(207) 795-8200

Testing Center services:

Single-Stay Unit (SSU)
60 High Street, Y3
Lewiston, Maine 04240
(207) 753-3907

Wound Center
60 High Street, Testing Center
Lewiston, Maine 04240

CMHVI Electrophysiology Lab Diagnoses Electrical Issues of the Heart

The Central Maine Heart and Vascular Institute has a state-of-the-art electrophysiology (EP) suite on the second floor of the hospital, near the cardiac catheterization lab.

Cardiologists in the lab diagnose and treat problems with the heart’s electrical system, such as arrhythmias.

Treatment may include pacemakers, defibrillators, medications or an ablation (elimination of the abnormal tissue).