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Central Maine Surgical Associates

Bridgton General Surgery consists of a team of board-certified surgeons that, supported by management, clinical, and clerical staffs, provide care for general surgery patients.

The surgeons offer a broad scope of surgical procedures for elective surgeries, emergent surgeries, upper and lower endoscopies, wound care and minor office procedures.

Bridgton Hospital surgeons have advanced laparoscopic surgical training allowing them to employ minimally-invasive techniques to procedures such as: colectomy for benign disease (colon removal for non-cancerous disease), enterectomy (removal of a portion of the intestine), procedures for treatment of peptic ulcer diseases, Nissen fundoplication, common bile duct procedures, laparoscopic colectomy to treat curable cancer: and surgery on other abdominal organs.

Not every patient is a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon will determine the best approach for each individual requiring surgery at the time of consultation.
Bridgton General Surgery offers a variety of special services which include:
• Minor office procedures
• Diabetic and venous stasis ulcer wound care
• Endoscopy