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Calcium, Ionized

Mnemonic:    [Ion Ca]
Name:    Calcium, Ionized
Specimen:    0.5 mL whole blood from a Green top tube or serum/plasma from a Red/Green SST. Tube must not be opened prior to analysis.

If the analysis cannot be completed immediately, the SST should be centrifuged to separate serum/plasma from the cells. Once centrifuged, the sample is stable for approximately 3 days when refrigerated as long as the container has not been previously opened..

May also be collected in a heparinized blood gas syringe.
Reference Range:    1.1 - 1.3 mMol/L
Critical Range:     < 0.7 or >=1.6 mMol/L
  Method:    Ion Selective Electrode
Note:    The test is included in a Blood Gas.