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Culture, Blood

Mnemonic:    [C BLOOD]
Name:    Culture, Blood
Specimen:     Recommended Volumes for Blood Culture Collection:

ADULTS: 20 mL of blood per venipuncture. Each blood culture consists of an aerobic (blue) bottle and an anaerobic (gold) bottle. The aerobic (blue) bottle should be drawn first. Every attempt should me made to draw the full 20 mL of blood per blood culture as volume is a critical factor in organism isolation.

CHILDREN (1 - 5 years): It is desirable to obtain as much as possible to ensure optimal recovery of organisms. Therefore, it is recommended that at least 5 mL each is collected in an aerobic and anaerobic bottle. If that is not possible, 5 mL in just an aerobic bottle or 1-3 mL in a PEDS Plus bottle is acceptable.
Neonatal Spec:    Neonates & Infants (up to 1 year): 1-3 cc of blood per venipuncture; transfer the entire amount to a Bactec PEDS Plus Vial.
Reference Range:    No Growth
Critical Range:    Positive Culture
  Method:    Bactec Automated Continuously Monitored Cx System
Note:    Reporting and Turn-Around-Times:

--1 hour - Blood culture In-progress
--12, 24, 36, 48 hours - Preliminary negative
--3, 4 days -Preliminary negative
--5 days - Final negative

If cultures are held for longer intervals, additional preliminary negative reports will be issued at 7 and 14 days, with a final report at 21 days.

Positive Culture Reporting:
Positive blood cultures are defined as critical findings. Positives will be immediately reported to the appropriate patient care area and immediately posted in the electronic medical record.
Processing Info:    Bactec bottles may be held for 24 hrs at room temperature

Blood Sample Collection